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Paul Husband is an award-winning photographer based in Manchester.

I have been a professional photographer for the last ten years and have been lucky enough to work alongside many of the people who have inspired me throughout my life. Musical geniuses like Morrissey and Shaun Ryder to The Rolling Stones and some of the great TV and film personalities.

My passion to get the best images has never waned and wether I’m on a TV of film set getting unit stills for a new show, working on a location for the perfect setting for a band hoping for a number one album or creating a striking composition of actors for a promotional shot on a billboard or a streaming site like Netflix or Iplayer I remain as determined as ever to come away with a shot that we are all proud of and have some fun along the way.

I have worked on promotional campaigns for several Number 1 albums including Elbow and Paul Heaton and have worked on many TV shows that have gone on to win BAFTA’s and other prestigious awards.
I am based in Manchester, North West England but travel all over the UK and I am always more than happy to travel further afield into Europe and beyond for interesting work.

I also work in various other lines of photography such as weddings and headshot/portrait photography.

Previous clients include Adidas, Channel 4, Netflix, BBC, Sky, Universal Music, Warner Brothers, Subpop, Mute Records, Virgin, Audible,

You can email him here or call him on 07921 239 147